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Design your life – from within – Yasmin Demirhan

Design your life – from within

You find yourself doing it again

Time flies

You are fully focused


Nobody has to remind you – No “To do list”

No motivation is needed

You are simply inspired from within

You enter another world –  It takes over your presence

You become it

It becomes you


Some people call it purpose, others passion, mission… vocation

I don´t know…

Somehow it seems so much deeper


Years back I yearned deeply to experience it while doing things that were not as meaningful, yet somehow each steps were meaningful to do what I am doing today

Years back I fell into immediate gratification

Trying to escape from my created reality

Yet the reality always hit me back

I was searching… searching… searching for something deeper


Today I can´t stop – it´s with me where I go

Whatever I do

Whomever I am around

No sacrifice – No resentment

Right now I am writing this blog while sitting in the beautiful terrasse of Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona after finishing an executive coaching session, and the waiter asks me WHY I am working on Sundays 

I smile and enjoy the coffee while once again time flies and words conquers my presence… 

I have no idea where this is leading me, but the direction of the boat is joyful


Feels good deep inside when closing my eyes at night – ready to fall asleep


Feeling “Today my day was well spent” 

Knowing that today I wasn´t asleep 


Don´t stop

Keep going

Until you find what is yours


If you have it already, STOP up and enJOY the journey


Let the boat take you to greater horizons

To greater dimensions of yourself 

Meaningful for you 


Meaningful is not synonym with Fantasy

Meaningful is embracing positive with negative

Pain with pleasure

Advantage with disadvantage

Gain with loss

Support with challenge


At the end of the day what matters is not the destination nor the goals, but that feeling deep within of living a meaningful life for YOU


For some it is finding “The One”

Building a family

For others it is building an empire – or empires

Collecting boarding passes


Expressing themselves through the heART


I don´t know what it is or might be for you

One does not demolish the other

Maybe it´s all for you

Maybe none


Follow what´s inspiring from within and design a true life for you

Where there is no “To do list”

Then you find yourself doing it again and again…

Where time flies…

Fully focused…


Inspired from within…

Fully awake

Having designed and living a life from within 










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