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Hiring a Life Coach: Strenght or Weakness? – Yasmin Demirhan

Hiring a Life Coach: Strenght or Weakness?

Hiring a Life Coach:
Strenght or Weakness? 

Do you ever ask yourself: What am I doing?
Do I still want to be here in 5 years time?
Where am I going?
How do I communicate better?
Can I be a better boss/worker/person?

Or tell yourself:
I couldn´t possibly do that.
They are so much better than me.
I can´t talk to them.
Who am I to have an opinion?
Each one of us is a unique individual with different needs, pleasures and dreams. Through my “Inner Power Method” Coaching, I help you in your personal development to bring focus on what you REALLY desire to create and HAVE.
Many times we act upon a thing when we are confronted with challenge.
We start working out and eating better when our body falls ill and powerless.
We work on our financial area when having almost lost everything.
We take that unpleasant conversation up, when our relationship is in danger.
We reach help when we are suffering.
Your life might function perfectly well in some areas, yet you wish to EXPAND more in other areas.
Employing a life coach is not a sign of weakness but of strength.
It is a marvellous step forward that could improve your quality of life 100%
It is all about where you are going, not where you have been.

If you are still a little unsure about one to one coaching you are welcome to call me and lets have a chat.
My Purpose of coaching people is to Inspire them to live a MUCH BETTER LIFE. It´s all about Inspiring while being Inspired.
I promise you that EACH person I coach Inspire at the same level I inspire them.

It is a unique relationship that can not be explained with words but experienced.

If I experience we are not the perfect match I am more than willing to refer you to other EXCELLENT coaches I know globally always aligned with your personal needs and ambitions. Coaching sessions offered in Barcelona, Spain or by Skype.

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